Home Kitchen Cabinet Types

Nowadays, kitchen cabinet styles are quite apart from the ones many years ago. In this post we will reveal about various types of home kitchen cabinets that are presently provided in the market. Kitchen cabinet that was essentially designed to put appliances contains changed significantly throughout the last decades. Kitchen cabinet comes into three groups that based on specifications and shape. The first type we have is base cabinet. These are currently the well-known kitchen cabinet types available in the market. Base cabinet stands on the floor and normally have a countertop. Base cabinets are perhaps the most chosen furniture for flats and apartments kitchen that normally have very modest space. The height of base cabinet ranges around 33 to 37 inches. The level can differ anywhere from 24-30 inches. It normally contains a single door and certain latest models can possess a double door and the interior of the cabinet can have shelves or stacked drawers. This kind the most preferred kitchen cabinet mainly because of it has simple design.

Many modified versions of base cabinets are also provided. The most well-known ones are the corner base and the sink base. The sink base cabinets are perhaps the most frequently bought kitchen cabinets in the world. It normally contains a concealed drawer and a part where the plumbing is unseen. Meanwhile, corner base is just like the other shelf that is mainly used to put certain stuff that frequently used in the kitchen.

The second cabinet type is wall cabinet. These home kitchen cabinets types are created in such a way so it can be integrated in the wall or just attached on the wall. They are basically look like a base cabinet, the main difference is that they mostly used as overhead cabinet for storing appliances or equipment of the kitchen. These kind cabinets are distinctive and are usually used in individual homes or even apartments. The common thing that one needs to think about when they are buying wall cabinet is the height of their ceiling and the owner's height. You certainly do not wish to end up purchasing a tall wall cabinet and not able to reach it. So you need to make sure you purchase a cabinet so that you can effectively use all shelves and drawers easily.

The manufacturer’s standard height of the cabinets is around 12 to 42 inches. The depth of these cabinets is around 12-18 inches.

The last type we discuss is tall cabinet. These cabinets have long and and thin shapes. These are essentially like a closet. They are really suitable for small kitchen spaces. The tall cabinet provides adequate places to put a lot of things. The standard dimensions for them are 84 up to 94 inches in length and 12-18 inches in height, choose the right home kitchen cabinet types for your house.

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